Service Monitor

Our Philosophy

We’re a market research agency specialising in customer feedback for the hospitality, leisure and retail industries. We use a blend of methodologies to give you a complete picture of what your customer experiences.

For over 25 years our knowledge of how best to apply market research techniques within these unique environments has benefited our enviable client base greatly.

We use the most appropriate customer research methods to help your business identify exactly what changes will drive customer loyalty, spend per visit and likelihood to recommend.

Your business benefits from enhanced connectivity between you and your customers, ensuring you consistently deliver the required standards to keep satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy at the highest possible level.

Based in our offices in beautiful Berkhamsted, we are a dedicated group of people who love what we do - come along and meet us to find out for yourself.

Service Monitor

Our Data Strategy

We believe that the data doesn’t belong to IT, agencies, data scientists, or analysts - it belongs to everyone in the business.

More data of better quality leads to enhanced analysis, which translates into valuable insights, business strategies, and higher profitability.

We aim for continuous delivery of analytic insights with the primary goal of satisfying the user.

We embrace change and seek to constantly understand evolving business needs.

Everything is designed to manage data at scale and to respond to real-world events as they happen.

Service Monitor

Why Choose Us

There is more to working with Service Monitor than simply delivering programmes. We don’t just throw data at you, we turn numbers into real stories and recommendations for positive change. And we just love it when we hear about these things happening. It makes our work seem so much more worthwhile.

“I like it that I have a relationship with you and not just an online portal” said a client recently.

We see ourselves as an extension of your team. We much prefer to be out and about forging strong relationships whether that be face to face, visiting venues or presenting in meetings rather than just uploading numbers to a dashboard.

Contact us and see how we can help your business