Smart, real-time feedback placed at key moments within a business allowing real customers to offer real-time ratings and opinions.

Feedback Kiosks are physically stationed within your venues, making them both a simple and immediate form of customer feedback. It’s a visible sign that you care what customers think and can generate high volumes of feedback.

Paired up with Instant Alerts you can resolve an issue before a customer has even left the venue!

Why use feedback kiosks?

  • Convenient and quick feedback: Feedback kiosks provide customers with a quick and easy way to give their opinions and ratings, without having to wait for a survey to arrive in the mail or fill out a lengthy online form.

  • Immediate response: Feedback kiosks provide immediate feedback to businesses, allowing them to address any issues in real-time and improve the customer experience.

  • Increased engagement: Feedback kiosks offer an interactive and engaging way for customers to provide feedback, increasing the likelihood that they will participate and provide more detailed and useful feedback.

  • Accessibility: Feedback kiosks are accessible to a wide range of customers, including those who are not comfortable providing feedback online or through other channels.

  • Data analysis: Feedback kiosks generate large amounts of data that can be analysed and used to inform business decisions and improve the customer experience.

Feedback kiosks provide your business with a convenient, quick, and effective way to gather customer feedback and improve the customer experience.