Interviewing face to face with customers is a personal and friendly way to gain insight - and customers generally appreciate being asked for their views.

Speaking to your customers within your venues as they engage with your business drives real time feedback and captures all views - not just those motivated to give feedback due to extreme experiences.

If you want to regularly touch base with your customers about what they want to see on the menu, what they think of the Dog & Duck down the road and other pub / brand specific issues then a quick but focussed face to face interview - in the venue - does the job.

Face to face is also a great way to know what the people who don’t visit your venue think, and understand why they aren’t your customers yet.

Looking at a potential new location and want to check if your concept will work? We recommend conducting face to face interviews with your future customers before you spend millions on an investment.

Service Monitor has a highly skilled team of face to face researchers that we’re able to deploy all over the UK to help you understand your customers and potential customers.