Listen to your customers by sending surveys direct to them via SMS or use text to promote your online survey. Get immediate feedback to the questions you need answers to now.

Why use SMS surveys?

  • Convenience: SMS surveys are quick and easy for customers to complete, as they can respond to the survey from their mobile devices.

  • High response rate: SMS surveys have a high response rate compared to other types of surveys, as they reach customers where they are most likely to be - on their mobile devices.

  • Immediate feedback: SMS surveys provide businesses with immediate feedback, allowing them to quickly address any issues and improve the customer experience.

  • Cost-effectiveness: SMS surveys are a cost-effective way for businesses to gather feedback from a large number of customers, compared to other methods such as in-person surveys or phone calls.

  • Increased engagement: SMS surveys offer a simple and engaging way for customers to provide feedback, increasing the likelihood that they will participate and provide more detailed and useful feedback.

SMS surveys are a convenient, quick, and effective way for your business to gather feedback from its customers and improve the customer experience.