Compass Group UK & Ireland

Contract catering for business, education, healthcare and military.

Service Monitor have worked with Compass for 5 years, providing their ‘Did We Make You Smile’ (DWMYS) research programme.

We have increased their response volumes by 3-fold through the re-engineering of the survey, breaking down barriers to completion and rebranding the programme.

Introducing new analysis and reporting for the business has allowed for expansion of the programme to multiple new divisions of the business. Starting with just one, the research programme has now been implemented for six Compass divisions (four of which had previously rejected the service).

Client Background

Compass Group UK & Ireland provide catering and facilities management for all types of businesses across the UK & Ireland – from solicitor firms to military bases.

They have a unique customer relationship - their customers are their clients' employees and therefore regular users of the Compass services and, in particular, the catering offer.

It is essential that Compass understand how their offer is being received by their customers. It helps them to ensure that they deliver a service that meets the all the requirements to keep their clients happy.


Compass had been using a customer feedback system (Did We Make You Smile), facilitated by an external agency, that had lost its appeal due to minimal promotion, a long and inaccessible survey and low customer responses, making it impossible to identify customer preferences and drive business change. Service Monitor proposed a new approach.

Engineered online survey – supported by on-site touch screen kiosks

Our approach utilised an online survey engineered to allow for maximum respondent accessibility – encouraging high volumes of responses to key questions, whilst giving customers the option to answer additional questions if they had the time.

The flexibile design allowed us to provide the survey in various forms:

  • On-site promotion of URL / QR code
  • Emailed URL
  • Comment cards
  • On-site touch screen kiosks

This approach means that the customers are very aware of the programme and the survey itself is quick and easy to complete, which has increased the response rates 3-fold.

“Service Monitor instantly got to grips with the nuances and challenges of our business and helped us forge a successful customer feedback strategy. We have improved usability of our system for both customers and operators alike, which has seen our response rates increase three-fold. The technical support and monthly reporting has been great too!”
David Tester
Head of Marketing

Ongoing Development

Since the DWMYS programme was redeveloped over 4 years ago, it generates over 40,000 responses annually and has become a central KPI for the business.

Online dashboard reporting has enabled the entire business to engage with the results and has been the go-to data source when the business looks to change aspects of their offer.

The programme is monitored and enhanced on a regular basis to ensure business focus.

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