Having worked with their strategic team to develop a bespoke customer engagement programme for Compass Group EME Region (Did We Make You Smile - DWMYS), we’re thrilled to announce that the program has exceeded expectations with over 100,000 individual customer responses in one month – March 2024. By using QR codes, touch screen kiosks/tablets, and seamless app integrations, DWMYS has not only gathered more client feedback than ever before, but also provided valuable insights for Compass Group’s operations across Europe and the Middle East.

With the survey translated into 29 languages and operating in 18 countries, including Germany, Spain, Finland, and Saudi Arabia, the program encourages a cross-cultural discussion on client satisfaction. Service Monitor has made it easy to share feedback through the various survey channels, helping us gather insights from different customer demographics and geographical locations – whilst being as inclusive as possible. By engaging with diverse teams across these markets, Compass has been able to glean nuanced perspectives on what truly resonates with its patrons.

Service Monitor have been working with Compass for over 8 years, and with the EME Region for the last 3. This level of customer feedback has been possible through the collaborative approach taken by Compass and Service Monitor to maximise customer communication, aligned with operational commitment to the process.

“The ‘Did We Make You Smile?’ system reaching over 100,000 responses is a significant milestone,” said Barry McKeich of Service Monitor. “Through creative research practices and targeted use of technology, we are committed to delivering an exceptional programme of research for Compass globally.”

Jean-Baptiste Chauveau, Client Success Director for Compass EME, stated that “achieving 100,000 responses to the DWMYS survey in one month is a testament to the dedication of all country teams, working in close collaboration with the Service Monitor team. The DWMYS survey and the insights it generates are pivotal in our pursuit of continuous improvement and delivering consistent excellence to our customers.”

A combination of understanding the relationship between Compass and its customers, aligned with utilising the correct technology has made providing feedback convenient for customers, resulting in more volume and accuracy of the data collection. By embracing innovation, Service Monitor aims to continuously improve and innovate in delivering unparalleled experiences to clients worldwide.

One of the key strategic benefits of this initiative lies in its ability to centralise customer satisfaction data. Through meticulous coordination with teams worldwide, the Global team at Compass now possesses a unified platform to track and analyse customer sentiment on a daily basis. This centralised approach not only streamlines data management but also empowers decision-makers with actionable insights to enhance customer experience on a global scale.

As Compass continues to harness the power of real-time feedback and technological innovation, the trajectory for enhancing customer satisfaction remains promising. With a global network united in its pursuit of excellence, the Did We Make You Smile? programme stands as a testament to Compass’s unwavering commitment to delighting customers across borders.

Service Monitor are a UK based customer insight agency, specialising in the hospitality, retail, and leisure industries – providing core research methodologies (mystery customer, online surveys, review site analysis, and focus groups) and centralised bespoke reporting platforms.

Compass Group are a global contract catering and support services supplier.