In the month since our initial post about the results of our EDAC Survey, we have received an additional 12,128 completed surveys, bringing the current total to 24,258.

We have compared our initial findings with the responses we have received after the last article was written; we were keen to see if the easing of the lockdown measures and the drop in infection and death rates had an impact on the customers’ answers.

There is a big rise from 54.3% to 72.4% in the number of respondents who stated that they will be comfortable to drink in a pub or bar within 3 months of the restrictions being lifted and a jump from 53.9% to 66.2% for people feeling comfortable to eat in a pub or restaurant. All questions have seen a shift, with more people willing to visit the venues sooner.

Overall, out of the 24,258 submitted surveys, around 85% of respondents think they would be comfortable to eat and drink in a pub or restaurant within half a year and 63.3% can see themselves doing that within the first 3 months.

Respondents aged 18 to 30 are more confident in being able to return to pubs sooner, with 71% and 65% feeling ready to drink and eat respectively within 3 months. In comparison, respondents aged 65 and over had scores of 52% and 50% for the same questions. The more reserved approach in the older age group is not surprising, given the fact that they are at higher risk.

The new set of responses share the same views as the initial round when it comes to the approaches and safety measures that pubs should introduce. Regular and visible wiping down of all surfaces, handling all food under cover, sanitizing products available throughout, compulsory hand washing on entrance, changed seating layouts and staff controlled entry were marked as ‘absolutely required’ by over 60%.

All age groups: Absolutely required by all age groups

With regards to the social distancing measures, such as changes to the layout and controlling the number of guests, we decided to ask the customers what level of distancing they would like to observe. 40% of all respondents said that they would like to see the 2m rule enforced in pubs as well. This number was constant when we investigated each age group, varying slightly from 38% to 44%. 17.8% of respondents picked 1.5m and 21.4% chose 1m. Overall, 8.0% said that they would like to see no enforced distancing – respondents aged 22 to 65 all oscillated around 8.5%, however the under 21’s and the over 65’s brought the number down, with just over 5% of respondents opting for no social distancing measures.

If you’re in hospitality and would like to send the survey invite to your customer database please contact us and we will provide you with a unique link and a dashboard login to track your results online.