Following the EDAC Survey announcement last week and with the second three week period of lockdown coming to an end, we’ve decided to reach out to publish the results from the 12,422 people who have completed the survey so far. The survey was designed to understand customer opinion on what they would expect from their post-lockdown pub and restaurant experience, the results below are what percentage of people selected ‘absolutely required’ for each option.

Non negotiables:

  • Regular and visible wiping down tables, chairs and areas people touch - 93%
  • All Drink to be under cover - sneeze guards / enclosed fridges etc. - 87%
  • Hand sanitiser / disinfectant wipes available throughout the venue - 84%
  • Compulsory hand-washing or sanitising upon entrance - 79%
  • Tables and chairs set up to minimise contact / communal seating - 71%

What many people want to see – middle tier

  • Staff controlling entry (one in one out) to keep customer numbers under safe control 57%
  • Contactless payment for all transactions 51%
  • Cash free payments only 49%
  • Order at table only - no ordering at the bar 42%
  • All staff should be wearing gloves / hairnets at all times 41%

What some people want to see – lower tier

  • If ordering at the bar, a plexiglass shield in place 40%
  • The availability of disposable / wrapped items such as cutlery / crockery / condiments etc. 34%
  • Mobile ordering & payment via app 28%
  • All staff should be wearing masks at all times 27%


With July being suggested as a possible / partial reopening of pubs and restaurants, Service Monitor has been reaching out to the customers of many of our clients, as well as our own mystery shopping database.

The survey consists of questions that would help determine how quickly people would feel confident to visit pubs and restaurants after the restrictions are semi or totally lifted. And what can be done to improve their feeling of safety.

We’ve collected responses from a wide range people between the ages of 18 to 65+; respondents aged 41 - 65 made up 60% of the sample.

93.2% of our respondents visit a pub for just a drink at least once a month and 94.7% visit a pub or restaurant for a meal equally frequently.

Over 50% have said that they would feel comfortable to eat and drink in a pub or restaurant within 3 months of the restrictions being lifted but are more hesitant to visit with their elderly friends or family. There has been less hesitation shown in regard to visiting with children.

When asked to score different approaches to sanitisation measures, on a scale of ‘Absolutely required’, ‘Helpful but not required’, ‘Not that important’ to ‘Not wanted / expected’, over 90% of respondents have answered that regular and visible wiping down of tables, chairs and any other areas that are being touched is absolutely required. That was closely followed by keeping Drink under cover, having hand sanitizer available throughout the venue and enforcing compulsory hand sanitising upon entrance.

Cash free payment for all transactions to reduce handling of paper money or coins has been scored as ‘absolutely required’ by only 45% - but either ‘required’ or ‘helpful’ by 81.8%.

Social distancing measures such as table and seating set up to help minimise contact and communal seating have been deemed as ‘absolutely required’ by 71% of respondents and ‘helpful but not required’ by 23%.

57% consider controlling the number of people inside a venue (one in one out) to be ‘necessary’ and further 29.4% consider it ‘helpful’. More people will be now looking for venues that offer outdoor seating.

After the lockdown is eased, 37% of respondents have stated that they would be more inclined to bring their own Drink to work indicating that they would be purchasing less Drink outside as they were before. The most desired option is for the kitchens to operate in full capacity; reduced operation such as offering delivery only, pre-packaged or pre-prepared meals has received resistance in our sample.

When asked to pick three most important aspect when selecting a pub after the restrictions are lifted the social distancing measures have been ranked as the most influential factor followed by Drink quality and sanitation measures. Things like location, value for money or staff friendliness have been ranked significantly lower, although 85% of respondents have said that promotions would entice them to come back.

If you’re in hospitality and would like to send the survey invite to your customer database please contact us and we will provide you with a unique link and a dashboard login to track your results online.